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StrategyQuant is a sophisticated platform that allows traders without programming skills to create, optimize, and backtest advanced automated trading strategies from scratch. The next logical step towards the evolution of automated trading.

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StrategyQuant Review: The Evolution of Strategy Building


StrategyQuant users can create or find already-made automated strategies to trade any financial market (Forex, Equities, Metals, Soft Commodities, etc.). The only thing a trader must do is to select a market and a timeframe. Afterward, StrategyQuant starts to generate automated strategies. The trader can now choose the strategies that showed the best performance. In addition, he can test, and optimize them towards randomness.

□ StrategyQuant operates in four (4) modes: building, re-testing, improvement, and optimization

□ Building (from scratch) and optimizing automated trading systems for every financial market

□ Generating and testing thousands of random automated strategies (within hours)

□ Applying automated data-mining algorithms to generate EAs for MetaTrader4, TradeStation, and NinjaTrader platforms

□ 14-day trial (The StrategyQuant trial version fully functional and it is not limited compared to the full package. The trial includes also data from EUR/USD, USD/CHF, GBP/USD, and USD/JPY).

Start your free 14-day trial here


StrategyQuant Review: Additional Features


These are some key features of the platform:

-Find easily thousands of automated strategies trading currencies, stocks, derivatives, etc.

-Multi-currency backtesting

-Create EAs for MetaTrader 4, TradeStation, NinjaTrader, and MultiCharts without programming skills

-Walk-Forward Optimization, Walk-Forward Matrix (3d Charts), and Monte Carlo methods

-Random strategy generation (avoid curve fitting)

-Advanced backtesting and optimization modules (External tick-data support)

-Use a wide variety of standard and external indicators

-Strong customer support and an active community of thousands of members


StrategyQuant Review: Key Functions


These are some interesting functions of StrategyQuant:

  • Built-in walk-forward optimizer and cluster analysis tools

The walk-forward optimizer allows spotting the results of an automated strategy when it is optimized regularly. The walk-forward optimizer may identify the ideal timeframe to optimize the key parameters

-It offers 40 indicators

-It offers candlestick and other patterns

-Four (4) entry orders (Enter at Market, Stop, Limit, Reverse)

-Seven (7) output orders

-Trailing stops and an intelligent stop loss

-Filtering automated-strategies into timeframes

  • Using Monte Carlo to test the quality of automated-strategies

In general, Monte Carlo methods use randomness (repeated random sampling) to solve problems that might be deterministic in principle. The StrategyQuant Monte Carlo testing allows the evaluation of the quality of a trading strategy especially as it concerns the potential for long-term profitability when trading real capital.

  • Using wide options for filtering strategies

Using wide options for filtering automated strategies makes it easier to determine the results (profit factor, how much profit it will probably earn, the maximum risk is, etc.)


StrategyQuant Review: Walk-Forward Optimization

The optimization process, in general, aims to identify the optimal values of the basic parameters of an automated strategy.


What is Walk-Forward Optimization?


StrategyQuant uses walk-forward optimization as a special module of backtesting strategies. This module contains multiple smaller backtesting and optimizing experiments and simulates how traders could work with the strategy during real trading.

–Optimize trading systems on some historical data and then trade it with the optimal values

-Optimize the parameter values on a past segment of market data

-Market data segmentation into a configurable number of periods, (each period includes the optimization and runs part)

-Verify the profit potential of an automated strategy by testing it forward in time on data following the optimization segment

-The optimization periods are divided over the whole period of backtesting

-The optimization periods are followed by Out of Sample tests


StrategyQuant Review: Walk-Forward Matrix


The Walk-Forward Matrix is a set of Walk-Forward optimizations performed with a different number of re-optimization periods. The matrix can present also a 3D chart of scores.

The Walk-Forward Matrix is a powerful module that can help traders with two things:

(1) To verify the robustness of a trading strategy

The Walk-Forward Matrix test allows the traders to make sure that a trading strategy will be adaptable to a wide range of market conditions.

(2) To spot the optimal period for re-optimization

This means it helps traders to identify the best optimization frequency. The StrategyQuant Walk-Forward Matrix enables traders to evaluate multiple combinations of re-optimization time-periods.


The StrategyQuant Advanced 3D Charting


StrategyQuant offers 3D charting of all the Walk-Forward combinations performed. 3D charts present the value for every parameter combination and it is making it much easier to identify real optimization results and avoid over-optimization. StrategyQuant can display several 3D charts including:

-Net profit



-Profit Factor

-Stability (surface, heat-map, or bar chart)


StrategyQuant Review Conclusions


The StrategyQuant platform is the next logical step towards the evolution of automated trading. The platform offers strategy building with hundreds of parameters without any need for programming skills. What really differentiates the platform is the extended ability to randomize any strategy results and test it in various market conditions.

Moreover, StrategyQuant offers an advanced backtesting and re-optimization process. For that job, it uses two unique in the industry modules (walk-forward optimization and walk-forward modules).

StrategyQuant Review Advantages

(√) Very sophisticated platform (maybe the best in the world for full backtesting experiments)

(√) Advanced strategy building including unique optimization tools

(√) Fully compatible with MetaTrader4, TradeStation, and NinjaTrader

(√) Free and fully functional free trial

StrategyQuant Review Disadvantages

(x) the price, and the price only


StrategyQuant Package and Pricing


You can choose between the starter and professional packages. Here are some basic conditions you should know before purchasing the StrategyQuant:

-One lifetime license for one computer

-Multiple computers get special volume discounts

-You can use the platform on a work PC and a home PC (upon request)

-Free lifetime updates and customer support

-Educational material (Algo course including 56 lessons video, and step-by-step eBook)

-The cost of obtaining a starter package is 990 USD and a professional package is 1,490 USD.



Both packages include:

  • Automated Strategy Builder
  • Includes EA Wizard
  • Includes QuantAnalyzer
  • Supports custom indicators
  • Real tick data support (MT4)
  • Strategy Improver and Re-tester
  • Walk-Forward Optimizer
  • Strategy’s Robustness Tests
The StrategyQuant Official Website



StrategyQuant 14-day trial

The StrategyQuant trial version fully functional and it is not limited compared to the full package. The trial includes also data as concerns the four major Forex pairs (EUR/USD, USD/CHF, GBP/USD, and USD/JPY).

Start your free 14-day trial here


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