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Foreign Exchange Robot: Forex Megadroid

Software Programmer: John Grace / Albert Perrie

Scalping: Using RCTPA (Reverse Correlate Time and Price Analysis) in the H1 timeframe

Forex Pairs: EURUSD only

Trading Platform: MetaTrader-4 / ZuluTrade

License: 1 Real Account License

Pricing: 82 USD

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The Forex MegaDroid is a Forex Robot scalping exclusively EURUSD. The robot was initially released in 2009 by John Grace and Albert Perrie.

Here is the live performance of the EA (MYFXBOOK)


The Forex MegaDroid uses the RCTPA, which means Reverse Correlated Time & Price tag Evaluation. RCTPA is designed to trade any market conditions using the H1 timeframe. The RCPTA allows trading in any market conditions using a loss-minimization strategy.


The Forex MegaDroid adjust continuously its parameters according to the evolving market conditions. Here are some important default settings:

(1) Stealth Mode = True (the stealth mode is designed as a tool of avoiding price manipulation by a Forex broker)

(2) Slippage = 3 (That parameter controls the maximum accepted difference in pips between the price that a trade is placed and the actual price of execution)

(3) Lot Size = 1 (sets the maximum accepted lot size)

(4) Risk Level = 0 (it shows the percentage of the account’s balance that can be used for the next trade, if risk level is 0.05 then 5% of the total account’s balance if risk level is 0.1 then 10% and etc.)

(5) Recovery Mode = True (if true the robot will double the lot size in order to recover losses. This will happen until it achieves the pre-loss balance amount)

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Foreign Exchange Robot: Forex GPS 3

Software Programmer: Mark Larsen

Scalping: The Asian Session

Forex Pairs: Many Pairs including EURUSD, EURGBP, GBPUSD and USDCHF

Trading Platform: MetaTrader-4 / MetaTrader-5

License: 1 Real Account License

Pricing: 149 USD

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The GPS Forex is a Forex scalping robot created by Mark Larsen during the past 16 years. The robot is found today in its 3rd version. The main feature distinguishes version 3.0 from the previous two versions is speed and increased parameters.

-The new GPS Forex Robot 3 works much faster

-A new additional function was added which allows optimized settings to the current situation on the market and use it in real trading

-The new version offers the possibility to change all primary parameters and adapt to any trading style

GPS Forex 3 is designed to trade many different Forex pairs during the Asian Session and focuses on EURUSD, EURGBP, GBPUSD and USDCHF. The maximum targeted profit per trade is about 30 pips and the robot is programmed to identify and to exploit price action inefficiencies. The GPS 3 incorporates a Trailing Take-Profit order in order to secure profits but there is also a Reverse-Trading Strategy in order to offset trading risk.

The live performance of GPS Robot 1


GPS Forex Robot 3 evaluates all of the information deriving from the main price action and optimizes its parameters for achieving optimal trading. The GPS Forex Robot 3 performs good when it is historic back-tested and shows sensitivity to spread divergences.

  1. Win / Loss Ratio = about 90%
  2. Reward / Risk Ratio = about 0.30

Major features of the GPS 3:

◘ GPS 3 is designed to scalp the Asian Session

◘ GPS 3 targets trading profits of 5 to 30 pips

◘ Sensitivity to spread divergences

◘ GPS applies a Trailing Take-Profit Order

◘ GPS 3 implements a Reverse Trading Strategy that opens trades in the opposite direction in order to offset losses


GPS Forex Robot 3 offers many different parameters in order to be able to deliver solid trading performance. It is designed to constantly optimize its key parameters in order to adapt the changing market conditions.

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